Monday, June 10, 2019

Happy Independence Day

This card background was created in Photoshop using a patriotic burst of color by Karen Schulz in her kit "This is Me, June".  This card is made entirely with the Starform Celebrate Icons Stickers from Pop-Ups Etc  The insides of the stars on the main sticker are colored with glitter pens and white Posca pen.  The fireworks in the corner are also colored with the glitter pens.  I used dozens of the teeny stars in this very versatile sticker set.  It also contains champagne bottles corks and bubbles sparklers, additional fireworks and starburst and firecracker rockets.  Make fourth of July greetings POP this year with your stickers from Pop-Ups Etc.
NOTE:  Stickers (especially very detailed ones that you have to use transfer paper to position) DO NOT WORK WELL if you print a background on slick photo paper or Yupo.  Once down---you absolutely cannot get it up AND the transfer film has a tendency to leave residue on your project.  Suggest you always use matte paper when working with stickers.


  1. Oh my! Love it! I especially love all the tiny stars. And all the glitz and glitter too...