Saturday, June 15, 2019

First 5D Diamond Painting

This is my first try at 5d Diamond painting.  No photo can show how the facets of the "diamonds" sparkle in natural light.  I got my kit from 5D Diamonds paintings dot com, and like this particular company's packaging of all the materials you need and the special care given the canvas.  Shipping time is several weeks, and they do do custom canvases by special order.  I absolutely loved my many many years of cross stitching, but I can no longer hold a needle.  The diamonds are placed on sticky canvas that is "paint by number marked" and individual faceted acrylic tiles may be placed singly or in multiples.  All ready to go with the diamonds in little "tic tac boxes" on the second one now.  I will have this professionally framed, although many crafters in this genre do their own. I LOVE IT! AND LOVE this new Hobby Horse!  Below is a closer crop to show how the individual diamonds catch the light.  Since these diamonds have five facets, no matter how you look at the painting, something is reflecting the light and sparkling.  So pretty!

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  1. Oh, that IS pretty! I have been thinking of trying this new hobby; I'm afraid you have convinced me.