Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Columbine Sprite

This precious little blue  Columbine Sprite drawn by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff (Aurora  Wings) tells the story of her namesake. Columbines come in a wide variety of colors one being the true blues.  She is colored in Prismacolor pencils and touched with Liquid Pearls.  She is created for the Aurora Wings Blog Challenge #31, My favorite Color.  Dark and Light Blue!

I love knowing the symbolism each flower shares--and here's the Columbine's:

The root of the name Columbine, columba is Latin and means dove. But the Columbine’s true Latin name is Aquilegia which translates to mean eagle. It was so named because the spurs of this flower reminded some observers of the talons of an eagle, and like the eagle the Columbine has evolved to survive perfectly in its unique environment whether it be southwestern United States or the mountainsides of Colorado.
Columbines have been mentioned or depicted in the Christian religion over many centuries. Christians believed that the columbine had the meaning of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and these included: wisdom, intellect, reverence or piety, strength, advise, knowledge and fear (fear of god or fear of doing wrong in the eyes of god).

The Celtics believed in the world of dreams and visions and that columbines were the portal to this world. Austrians believed the columbine symbolizes five doves in a circle. It’s funny what you can see in a flower.


  1. Loving the blues you've chosen for your Columbine Sprite, Priss and the CAS style. It's fun learning the flower's symbolism, as well. Thanks so much for joining our "Favorite Color" Challenge at Aurora Wings. xxD

  2. Beautiful blue combo, thanks for joining us at Aurora Wings for our 'Favorite Colour' challenge, Julie DT x

  3. Gorgeous blue columbine, Priss! I loved reading about this flower as seen by different cultures. I love the Austrians' view of five doves in a circle. That's probably the one I feel closest to my view on the flower. Thank you for joining our latest challenge at Aurora Wings. Always a pleasure to see you! Mitzi xxx