Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Pineapple Sprite--Mitzi Sato Wiuff

Aurora wings has another precious sprite--the Pineapple Sprite, done here in Prismacolor Pencils and mounted on Crushed Curry, Old Olive and Botanical Garden DP Stampin Up papers.  I created her for the  Aurora Wings Sprite Delight 3 Challenge  Each hexagonal rind section is striped with gold stickles.  

For centuries the Pineapple has been recognized as a traditional expression hospitality and welcome throughout the world. This fruit symbolizes warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality, and in the Southern US, you will see the pineapple everywhere.    
The fruit holds the strong antioxident, Vitamin C.  It is a Bromelian thought to combat the formation of certain cancer cells.   It is very acidic, so if you are cutting up very much pineapple, you should wear gloves.  Try placing fresh pineapple spears in a bath of Creme de Menthe!  Oh--La-La 
The principal pollinator of the pineapple's beautiful flower is a hummingbird.  Seed formation needs pollination, but the presence of seeds harms the quality of the fruit. In Hawaii where pineapple is grown on an agricultural scale, importation of hummers is prohibited for this reason.  


  1. Oh, how cute is this? A little pineapple head doll. Love it...Clar...

  2. Love learning more about the pineapple, Priss and your card is adorable. Love the subtle bling from the Stickles and the tropical paper is perfect. Thanks so much for joining our Sprite Delight III challenge (again!) at Aurora Wings. xxD

  3. This was a fun post, Priss. Loved reading about pineapples. I really like the traditional meanings associated with the fruit. Your tropical make is cheerful and happy - perfect! Thank you for another entry in the Sprite Delight III challenge at Aurora Wings!
    Mitzi xx

  4. Love the informative info about pineapple! Thank you for join our challenge at Aurora Wings! Xoxo, silvia