Friday, April 10, 2015

My Pencil Holder

I am so excited.  I made this pencil holder for my Prismacolor pencils for the Perfecting Pencils class at Kit and Clowder.  I printed the color chart, and penciled in the colors that I have.  I took the lips off ten 3  1/2 inch tall (by about 1 1/2" wide) pill bottles and glued five of them side by side, ending up with two of the two inch wide bottles to hold the stubs, sander and electric eraser.   I also glued five of the shorter Rx pill bottles together to hold current projects.  The first bottle of the shorties is labeled skin, and the second hair--the rest are for the pencils for a current project.  Then the taller bottles cannisters are labeled with the color of the group they hold Row 1 labeled in yellow, holds those pencils found on row one of the color chart, row two is printed in Pink, to correspond to the main colors of the pencils in row two--etc.  Before I made this holder I was keeping the pencils in SU flat stamp storage boxes, and that worked okay for separating the groups, but involved a lot of shuffling, where this doesn.t.  You can see a clothes pin still in there, because the glue was a little tacky and not entirely set up when I took the picture for the blog.


  1. Yep! Perfect! You could give Michaels lessons on organizing...Great job...Clar...

  2. Oh priss this is a wonderful idea ... i have to do something similar i really do TFS hugs t xx

  3. Oh, wow! What a perfect idea for storage! And affordable, too. You are brilliant.